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Hello World,


Great to see about my new project!


It's exciting to explore the possibilities of AI in art, architecture and interiors. With the Microsoft Bing and tools like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL-E 3, and Autodesk Dreamcatcher, I can create some amazing AI in art, architecture, interiors and many more.

Learning Software: Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, ComfyUI, ControlNet, Rhinoceros3D, Photoshop Beta

Stable Diffusion is a cutting-edge deep learning model capable of generating realistic images and art from text descriptions.


ComfyUI is a web-based Stable Diffusion interface optimized for workflow customization.

Enjoy my crazy world!

Looking forward to seeing more final products!





University of NSW

Bachelor of Architecture (Hons Class 1 - Division 1) UNSW

University of Technology

Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management With Credit

University of Sydney 

Master of Land Economy


Stables AI : Stability and Creative Vision






Stability and creative vision are two seemingly contrasting concepts, yet they can hold a fascinating and fruitful relationship when intertwined. On one hand, stability offers a sense of grounding, predictability, and reliability, while creative vision is all about exploring the untrodden, embracing the unknown, and pushing boundaries. Here's how they can coexist and amplify each other:

1. Framework for Exploration:

Imagine a painter starting with a defined sketch - a stable foundation. This framework allows them to explore colors, textures, and brushstrokes freely without losing sight of the overall composition. Similarly, a stable AI algorithm can act as a foundation, providing a defined space for creative exploration through different prompts, parameters, and iterations.

2. Fueling Innovation:

Stability can breed confidence, freeing the mind to delve into the depths of creative vision. Knowing that there's a solid base to return to allows for bolder experimentation and risk-taking. This is true for artists, architects, musicians, and even AI algorithms trained on diverse datasets, allowing them to generate more innovative and unexpected outputs.

3. Refining the Vision:

Stability can also serve as a filter, a lens through which to evaluate the results of creative exploration. By comparing various outputs against the original vision and established parameters, creators, even AI systems, can refine their creative process and hone their artistic direction.

4. Achieving Harmony:

The true magic lies in achieving a harmonious balance between the two. Too much stability can stifle creativity, leading to repetitive or uninspired results. Conversely, lacking any stability can result in chaos and confusion. Finding the sweet spot allows for innovation within a defined framework, fostering both originality and coherence.

Here are some examples of how this interplay manifests in different fields:

  • Music: A composer creates a structured melody but allows for improvisation within that framework.

  • Architecture: A building adheres to engineering principles but incorporates unique design elements.

  • Storytelling: A plot adheres to narrative structure but leaves room for character development and unexpected twists.

  • AI Art: An algorithm generates variations on a style while maintaining coherent themes and aesthetics.

Ultimately, the relationship between stability and creative vision is dynamic and nuanced. By understanding their interplay, we can unlock greater potential in various fields, including harnessing the power of AI to augment and support human creativity in a responsible and enriching way.


The intersection of AI and human creativity is a fascinating arena, where the stability and predictability of algorithms meet the boundless expressiveness of human imagination. In this space, stables AI, focused on generating creative content, can leverage branding to effectively communicate its unique value proposition.

Beyond the Canvas:

A building morphing from blueprint to reality, with both stability and creative flair evident in its design.

Stables AI's applications extend beyond traditional art forms. The branding can encompass broader creative fields like design and architecture, highlighting how AI can add stability and predictability to the design process while still preserving artistic freedom. Imagine architectural models seamlessly transitioning from concept to construction, or furniture designs combining clean lines with organic, AI-inspired textures.

Human-Centric Design:

Ultimately, AI should serve to empower and augment human capabilities. A brand that positions its AI solutions as tools for human progress and collaboration will resonate with users. This can be communicated through branding that emphasizes empathy, user-centricity, and a focus on ethical and responsible AI development.

The specific branding strategy will depend on the target audience, the types of creative tools offered, and the unique vision for stables AI. By carefully tailoring the visuals, messaging, and overall brand identity to reflect the balance between stability and creative expression, we can position stables AI as a powerful force in the future of artistic creation.


“Taking Control 4.0: ControlNet x ComfyUI in Architecture” which will provide technical expertise and cultivate creative thinking by utilizing AI platforms like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Rhinoceros3D. 

The workshop aims to introduce participants to Midjourney v6’s Alpha new features and Stable Diffusion, emphasizing their impact on architectural design workflows. Through hands-on exercises, attendees will understand the significance of integrating Stable Diffusion x ControlNet tools for enhanced materiality and atmosphere control in 3D architectural models. Bespoke workflows utilizing Stable Diffusion 1.5 and XL x ControlNet will be developed to enable precise geometry and material manipulation. Participants will gain proficiency in materiality and atmosphere manipulation through practical exercises. - PAACADEMYet will be developed to enable precise geometry and material manipulation. Participants will gain proficiency in materiality and atmosphere manipulation through practical exercises.

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