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" Yep, we're global. We're creating kick ass internet domains. "

- Raymond chai



Domain Brokerage

" We love to sell your premium names. Email us! " - Raymond Chai offers private domain brokerage services for domain owners of keyword premium domain names. We are seeking mid to top valued .com and gTLD domain names for our private brokerage service.


We are surrounded with talented artistic people; we are the amazing group of creative, imaginative and innovative professionals in the domain name industry. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise in domain sales to appropriately market your domain names.


We will do domain listings on social network sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook; online marketing, direct emails to reach the potential buyers, negotiate the price, secure payment and ensure a seamless domain transfer.

We have been invited to broker platinum domains with exclusive access to Platinum Inventories from the gTLD registry Rightside, a part of Donuts Inc company in Kirkland Washington. We broker domains of similar quality to VR.Games, NY.Attorney, LA.News, Cannabis.Market  with average market value from high five to seven figures.

Some of the top domains we are currently brokering are Poker.News, Casino.News, Bitcoin.Live, NY.News, Boston.Attorney, Auto.ForSale, Boats.ForSale, Live.Games, Sex.Games, Chat.Live, Live.Games, Daily.News,,,, LA.Casino,, Gemstones.Diamonds , Poker.MBA , , Chat.Credit etc.

We accept quality .com and gTLD extentions. We charge 20% brokerage commission when domains are officially sold.


Please Contact us today if you have quality domain names that you are interested to put on market.

Domain Sellers

If you have valuable premium domains for sale, we are happy buy it from you when we find suitable buyers.

1 Bitcoin = $3996 USD

" Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man "  Bill Gates

We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum

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