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Founder of YepInternet.com
Raymond Chai

" Yep, we're global. We're creating kick ass internet domains. "

- Raymond chai

YepInternet.com is the domain name marketplace. We are digital real estate agent that connect buyers with sellers through friendly brokering services in a transparent manner. We are a better way of buying, selling and brokering or leasing domain names. You will find a selection of premium and brandable domain names which are suitable for your company names, your new and existing  business ideas, startups, products and services.


We are offering great opportunities and providing hundreds of generic keyword domain names for sale at great prices. It is important for any online business to own keyword domain names with SEO-advantage for your internet business. 


We are fully dedicated domain professionals in providing the most outstanding services at comparable market prices in the domain industry. We think forward and create voraciously innovative domain names. We also hand-picked valuable gems of awesome keyword domain names that span the dot precisely.


With imagination, creativity and innovation in mind, our premium domain names opportunities are boundless.

Domain names and trademark branding are inseparable.

CHANEL, one of the most valuable brands in the world ( value $7.3 Billion, as of May 2017 by Forbes),  has owned our unique creation of BOYY trademark. We are proud of CHANEL's vision and it shows our strength in innovating brand and predicting future trends. Our domain names are clearly reflected on our strength in creative solutions in branding.

We have been invited to broker platinum domains with exclusive access to Platinum Inventories from the gTLD registry Rightside, a part of Donuts Inc company in Kirkland Washington. We broker domains of similar quality to VR.Games, NY.Attorney, LA.News, Cannabis.Market  with average market value from high five to seven figures.

We also share with you some inspirational quotes from people who made it to the top in their lifetime careers. These are innovative quotes that can help you throughout your business adventures, and we hope the quotes from some of the most famous and successful people in history will have the same effect on you tremendously. 

These quotes can motivate you to your utmost potential in life and career, whether in running your small business or creating innovative domains for your startups with high dose of enthusiasm and motivation to move all your way to the top.

When not trading digital real estate, Raymond enjoys collecting contemporary art and he frequently attend seminars, social functions and art gallery openings to source out art and sculptures he loved to collect.

Raymond holds a Master Degree in Land Economy from University of Sydney; Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management from University Technology Sydney; and Bachelor of Architecture from University of New South Wales, Sydney.

1 Bitcoin = $3996 USD

" Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man "  Bill Gates

We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum

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