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These TLDs / LTS will not only win more sex games online via a good content marketing and SEO strategy but will also generate massive traffic and be the highest conversion e-commerce sites that we can guarantee you - Eiffel Tower Paris ditched their .com for a .Paris see where they ranking today 1st Position !!! 

You might follow these premium brands online strategy by big companies in the world:

TOUREIFFEL.PARIS & EMIRATES.FLIGHTS is directed to TourEiffel.Paris ( Alexa rank 11,589,373 )

TourEiffel.Paris ( Alexa rank 93,877 ) - achieve higher ranking than .com

Secured Emirates.Flights and re-directed to

There are currently 36,000 active .attorney sites. Some major active sites are:


The gTLD Advantages:

1. Flexibility in choosing a name

2. More memorable names

3. Increased web traffic

4. Reduced online marketing costs

You only have to pay once $xx,xxx and annual renewal fee is only $37.50.

We can also offer custom finance plan to purchase a premium domain name

Comparable Market Sales:​

gTLD domains:

Personalinjury.Attorney - $60,000 - 2016

Sex.Live - $160,000 sold in 2016

Porn.Live - $120,000 sold in 2016 - $3,000,000 sold in 2014

Video.Games - $183,000 - 2017

Casino.Online - $201,250 - 2017


You only have to pay once $xxx,xxx and annual renewal fee is only $37.50.

We can also offer custom finance plan to purchase a premium domain name.

Source: Namebio

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